General thoughts on learning

“The most fundamental flaw in language learning is thinking too much”

This is how I see language learning; what we ought to be focusing our attention on is not the structure of the language but the content. This goes against what most language systems will tell you, and also what teachers in most schools will tell you as well. I studied Spanish for one year and Japanese for four years. When I first began learning japanese, I did just as my teacher told me and I thought about the rules governing grammar…. My grammar test grades were C’s. So I focused a little harder…. Still C’s. So I studied my ass off thinking about grammar…. C’s prevailed. After this I cracked, I reasoned that if studying the structure got me nowhere then I may as well direct my efforts elsewhere and learn new vocab. Next grammar test? A. I was shocked “it must’ve been a fluke” I reasoned. Skeptical I continued neglecting my study of grammar… A again. “Damn! I’m really on to something! “ I thought. I was right. From that point on, every week I got an A on my grammar test ad hadn’t the least clue as to why the answers I chose were correct…. It was just intuition

Intuitive learning


3 thoughts on “General thoughts on learning

  1. I agree. Content is a prime motivator for me, in that if the content is meaningful, I simply, naturally feel compelled to continue, my desire to understand leading the way. Making language study an intellectual exercise can work to a certain degree for certain people, but ultimately, I really think the power of intuition and genuine interest in something are paramount. Thanks for sharing, your blog’s really inspiring!

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