Step 1 ramble

Here is my take on meditation: Meditation is just a time when you lose your mind, If you want to call it that. You don’t think, you don’t judge, you just be. It is interesting beccause it is so simple it is near impossible. You dont even think about not thinking, you just exist. Now the area that this is leading me into is that there is an incredible degree of spiritual narcissism. Most people when meditating are aiming at doing it to become better, to become more loving, to help others. Meditation begins when motivation ends. even philanthropic causes of meditation and divine thoughts are all unnecessary. I think that many of the people who call themselves gurus are actually just building an identity around the idea of guru-hood. Non-dualistically seeing yourself is what meditation is. That’s it. This reminds me of a speech delivered by Alan Watts. In it he describes the behavior of real gurus. The first thing a guru will say to a new student is…’ Stop pretending you are not god’ If the student stops pretending then its done! The student that insists that he can not understand what the teacher is saying on an experiential level is then given progressively harder tasks (like the koan in Zen) until he breaks and sees that the only answer is that he is ‘god’ Those are my only thoughts for now.


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