While looking out my window I …


(2 minute read)

Every morning  I perch myself on a windowsill overlooking this small street. The window is gargantuan and opens like a door. Peering out and seeing the 50 foot drop below gives me a touch of veritgo which gives me a keen sense of awareness while drinking my tea. As I sat there this morning a thought about preferences came to me. The people next door each have large personal garages. I thought ‘They don’t need private garages; hell, they dont even need cars!‘  Removing preference may well be the way to be completely content. I would argue that the degree to which we hold onto our preferences to outcomes and the degree to which we are unhappy are one and the same. After this thought, I imagined a person with no preferences as to what they do, have, and become. At first it seemed  this person would be painfully boring and achieve nothing. This is the easy conclusion to come to, but after looking deeper I think this person would be able to act More Effectively than normal people.  He would act on impulse and go for one outcome but either way be content with what happens. This is all just a thought experiment but I have felt at times like this person. It is strange to think that you can be content without having a preference but I guess that it comes from not denying the fact that some futures are more pleasant than others, but from accepting both pleasure and tragedy as part of the beauty of creation

( no religious affiliation )

Thoughts on this ?



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