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<title>Smells Like Bakin’ Cupcake Company</title>
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<h1>Opposites really do attract, especially in our kitchen! we combine unexpected flavors that melt together into ironically delicious dishes</h1>
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<h2>Cupcake of the Week</h2>
<p>This week’s cupcake is the <a href=”#”>Avocado Chocolate Cupcake</a> It’s a strange combo of flavors that will kick your tastebuds into fiesta mode!</p>
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<h2>Fresh Out The Oven</h2>
<p>Our newest cupcakes are<a href=”#”>Bacon Me Crazy</a> and <a href=”#”>Jalepeno So Spicy</a>. </p>
<img src/”new-cupcake-bacon.jpg” alt=”Bacon Me Crazy”>
<img src/”new-cupcake-jalapeno.jpg” alt=”Jalapeno so spicy”>


<h2>Inside the kitchen</h2>
<p>Smells like bakin’ started out in the garage of husband wife duo Allison &amp; Joseph. Allison is the baker and Joseph found a way
for them to make a business out of her tasty treats.Flash forward to today and they have a successful storefront, catering business, and cupcake truck.</p>
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<h2>Get Bakin’ with Us!</h2>

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<p>Call us: <span> 1-555-CUP-CAKE</span><br>
Email us: <a href=”#”>bakeon@smellslikebakin.com<a/></p>
<p>We announce all of our new flavors first through Facebook&amp; Twitter, and even take requests!</p>
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While looking out my window I …


(2 minute read)

Every morning  I perch myself on a windowsill overlooking this small street. The window is gargantuan and opens like a door. Peering out and seeing the 50 foot drop below gives me a touch of veritgo which gives me a keen sense of awareness while drinking my tea. As I sat there this morning a thought about preferences came to me. The people next door each have large personal garages. I thought ‘They don’t need private garages; hell, they dont even need cars!‘  Removing preference may well be the way to be completely content. I would argue that the degree to which we hold onto our preferences to outcomes and the degree to which we are unhappy are one and the same. After this thought, I imagined a person with no preferences as to what they do, have, and become. At first it seemed  this person would be painfully boring and achieve nothing. This is the easy conclusion to come to, but after looking deeper I think this person would be able to act More Effectively than normal people.  He would act on impulse and go for one outcome but either way be content with what happens. This is all just a thought experiment but I have felt at times like this person. It is strange to think that you can be content without having a preference but I guess that it comes from not denying the fact that some futures are more pleasant than others, but from accepting both pleasure and tragedy as part of the beauty of creation

( no religious affiliation )

Thoughts on this ?


I am Caveman!

(3 minute read)

How did cavemen eat?

The paleo diet is a diet based on the idea that because our ancestors ate a certain way and had virtually no incidence of heart disease, cancer, Etc. it might be resourceful for US to eat the same way. Many opponents of this diet claim that just because these two facts are correlated does not mean that the diet implies causation…they are wrong… Studies recently have shown some very positive health effects of this diet including but not limited to:Less fat, better sleep, more energy, lower blood pressure. If you want to  know the science behind the idea you can see it here. If you just want to get your hands dirty, check out this video

Koans: godly riddles

The purpose of koans and a far wider definition


Koans are riddles that are given to students of zen which are unsolvable using logic. The result of this is that  students will give all of their effort to solving these puzzles on a logical level and after a while (for the hardcases this can be years) The student breaks and is enlightened. My favorite story along these lines goes:

On a rainy day, a student of zen asked his master ‘what is enlightenment?’The teacher pushed him face down in the mud. The student rose laughing and was enlightened.

A Hackneyed old koan

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

A wide definition of koans

Looking at the attributes of koans it becomes clear that what matters is not the words, but the catharsis which happens when the student gives up solving the question on the level of logic. The result of this is that anything which can not be solved by using logic is worthy of being called some sort of koan. The point I want to put forward is that NOTHING can be understood logically because EVERYTHING is part of one system (the universe)

What do you think?

Stay Hungry

You HAVE to stay hungry to achieve anything. Put yourself in a place of lack. A place that challenges you to make for yourself what you won’t take from others anymore. Now don’t go and throw away your belongings and burn your home…. but throw away your emotional belongings and burn down your emotional home. Carry an emotional tent instead, It is more resilient. You pack your emotional home with things that allow you to stay who you are and be comfortable. Somewhere along the line we have mistaken comfort for happiness. Just because you have a tv to entertain you doesnt mean you are at ease. Just because you have a friend circle doesnt mean you are content. It is very easy to accept everyone you meet and allow them to take up your time and energy just because it feels nice to have them around. Sometimes you will notice their problems paining you like a broken spring in your ez boy poking you in the ass… but hell, Sitting in the chair is still easier than going out and paying for another one. When you take all the things you relied on in order to feel comfortable, you can either feel sad at the fact that you are now uncomfortable.. or you can make yourself change so that the surroundings become comfortable. (law of attraction?) When you become comfortable instead of having comfortableness put onto you, you have a real fortune. The man who has overcome himself is greater than the man who has overcome 1000 times 1000 men – Buddha

Consumerism is the leading form of comfort making and therefore the leading form of contentment deprivation. I have no way to play music. I have no Pictures. I have no Internet. I have limited books. I know few people. The result? I am forced to feel sorrow (ahahha HELL NO!) or play my own music, draw my own art, make my own entertainment, write my own books, and make new friends. I have noticed that I feel very good about all of these things despite a lack of them because I am cultivating the inner change that makes me able to appreciate them; you can’t appreciate that which you have to cling to for fear of losing it. I have been far more confident and at ease with myself as well. Talking to strangers (occasionally) Servers(frequently) and cuter girls (hopefully 😉 has all been going better than usual, I am able to make peoples days. The idea I am trying to express by writing this is that when you give up something that makes you comfortable in order to get something better, the intermediate period where you have nothing is what makes you worthy of being the person who gets better.


Step 1 ramble

Here is my take on meditation: Meditation is just a time when you lose your mind, If you want to call it that. You don’t think, you don’t judge, you just be. It is interesting beccause it is so simple it is near impossible. You dont even think about not thinking, you just exist. Now the area that this is leading me into is that there is an incredible degree of spiritual narcissism. Most people when meditating are aiming at doing it to become better, to become more loving, to help others. Meditation begins when motivation ends. even philanthropic causes of meditation and divine thoughts are all unnecessary. I think that many of the people who call themselves gurus are actually just building an identity around the idea of guru-hood. Non-dualistically seeing yourself is what meditation is. That’s it. This reminds me of a speech delivered by Alan Watts. In it he describes the behavior of real gurus. The first thing a guru will say to a new student is…’ Stop pretending you are not god’ If the student stops pretending then its done! The student that insists that he can not understand what the teacher is saying on an experiential level is then given progressively harder tasks (like the koan in Zen) until he breaks and sees that the only answer is that he is ‘god’ Those are my only thoughts for now.

Minimalism Rant!

Minimalism is an idea that has always appealed to me. The less you have, the less you have to worry about. When learning, I try to apply this idea of minimalism by focusing on only a very small portion of the available information; by doing this I get to be lazy and Improve!  Although this site began as a language learning blog, I believe that it will be heading more in the direction of a blog about how to learn the lazy way. I think that through learning you connect with people. Let me explain. If you are being taught in a class, that is a commonality between you and all the opther students, and therefore you are all a sort of tribe. If you teach yourself, eventually you will need mentorship and there your are in the first situation again! both of these styles of learning also enrich you as a person. Not only do you feel a sense of more self worth, but you also become more interesting to other people! I think that learning how to learn, and where to focus your efforts is the most human of endeavors, the journey to becoming your best self. when we look at the truth of the matter, every person on this planet is connected; therefore Uplifting and improving yourself uplifts and improves the whole of humanity. Learning how to learn is philanthropy. Learning how to learn in a minimalist way is learning to learn faster, Minimalism is philanthropy on steroids. That’s all, I think I will make a post on my approach to japanese learning again, this time detailing how exactly i will become fluent, sorry for the plethora of grammatical errors, I just needed to get the info out! You take care now 🙂