Barefoot running shoes: Oxy-moron?

Is it paradoxical?

Using “barefoot running shoes” may seem to be a paradox, but in my opinion the correct choice of shoe can provide the best of protection and foot mobility. If you are unaware of the conversation around minimalist running; take a moment to look hereIn this post I will be taking a short and logical look at using barefoot running shoes. In addition to this i will be dispelling the large amount of ego tied into the minimalist running movement. Many of the people in this community consider using shoes of any kind   to be half-assing it. These same people frequently run distances to prove their resiliency rather than to better themselves. 


The benefit that come with using minimalist shoes  is primarily that they protect your feet from abrasions and cuts while allowing the connective tissues in the foot to be taxed and therefore strengthened.


The only negatives aspects of using minimalist shoes are that they: Cost money, Are sometimes overprotective, get you funny looks.

Logical opinion

Unless you live in an area that is devoid of sharp objects like glass, metal shards, rock chips… etc. It makes sense to use a Very thin running shoe. You can reap all of the rewards of barefoot running without suffering the injuries that may come from your running surface. If you are a serious runner (or just love it) Then injuries that keep you off the road ought to be avoided.

My choice 

Because of this my running shoe of choice is the New balance minimus ( in the header image) This shoe is roughly 70 dollars; however it is incredible durable, average looking, and perfectly padded (that is to say hardly at all )

What is your running shoe of choice?

Another good shoe (click for info)