Koans: godly riddles

The purpose of koans and a far wider definition


Koans are riddles that are given to students of zen which are unsolvable using logic. The result of this is that  students will give all of their effort to solving these puzzles on a logical level and after a while (for the hardcases this can be years) The student breaks and is enlightened. My favorite story along these lines goes:

On a rainy day, a student of zen asked his master ‘what is enlightenment?’The teacher pushed him face down in the mud. The student rose laughing and was enlightened.

A Hackneyed old koan

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

A wide definition of koans

Looking at the attributes of koans it becomes clear that what matters is not the words, but the catharsis which happens when the student gives up solving the question on the level of logic. The result of this is that anything which can not be solved by using logic is worthy of being called some sort of koan. The point I want to put forward is that NOTHING can be understood logically because EVERYTHING is part of one system (the universe)

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