Locomotion as transportation

(1 minute read)

In my city the buses run until 8PM: My martial arts classes end at 8:30…

Because of this I have taken up running home after Jui-jitsu class. It might just be me but running for the sake of running is a little strange to me, but running to a destination is very rewarding! As I was running home last night I was just thinking ‘there is no good reason that running couldn’t be our primary means of transportation.’ The only objections against this which I can think of are:

  • I am not in shape to run (insert X miles here) !
  • I will be all sweaty/wet/cold when I get there!
  • It takes too much time!

These are all easily refuted arguments. The first point is just absurd; If you aren’t in shape then you certainly won’t improve by not trying; Just work your way up. The second point can be solved by bringing a change of clothes with you and washing up in a bathroom 😉 As for the third point; this cuts out gym time and listening to audio-books simultaneously cuts out reading time. This may just save you time! 

What are your thoughts and experiences surrounding this? I would love to hear!


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